Thunder Cats Panthro Costume

This  Thunder Cats Panthro costume was a costume I made for Halloween 2010. The body suit is a regular bodybuilder suit that I bought on eBay, and then tried all kinds of fabric dyes, but none of them worked. I ultimately decided on a spray can of primer from the auto parts store, since the gray was the closest I could get. Also, the primer did a great job of covering up the ultra-tan color of the bodybuilder suit.

I then painted the white chest on top of the primer.  I also used the primer on the bald cap, and found matching face paint. The utility belt is felt from the fabric store and a disc of cardboard, all hand-sewn. Also, the spikes are made of foam cones from the craft aisle at the dollar store. While spray painting the cones, I noticed that the paint was actually causing the foam to dissolve. So, I had to wrap the cones in duct tape, and then spray paint the tape. I smelled like primer, but my costume was a hit.

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