The Merriest Christmas Story Family Costume

This year, I must say halloween was a big success.  We decided just after last halloween we wanted to do A Christmas Story theme and had to wait a whole year to pull it off.

We were a little disappointed that many people at our annual church party did not get our costume theme (to be fair, there were a million people there and the four of us weren’t exactly standing side to side posing the whole night).  But facebook predictably did much better.  Probably you’ve alreadt heard of us since this picture went viral from 39 shares!! (<- sarcasm)

Anyway, we’ll start on the how-tos with my husband’s pink nightmare bunny costume.  I could have purchased an almost identical bunny suit from amazon for about $35.  Instead, for the same price I decided to spend 3 Saturday afternoons sewing a bunny suit.  Because, I love stress.  Actually, it wasn’t too bad.  I used an extremely helpful tutorial on (google it- you’ll find it).  I didn’t want to use a pattern because I don’t speak pattern, but this tutorial had pictures with every step and anyone could understand the instructions.  Also, it turned out just like his.  Success.

For my leg lamp costume, we found a big enough lamp shade at a thrift store after not too much digging.  We cut off the wiring on the inside, hot glued on some fringe and called it good.  I already had the heels, fish nets and suspenders.

For our little cowboy (who is actually a cowgirl (who actually thought she was going as Jesse from Toy Story)), I bought her chaps on ebay.  Her shirt is a little boys dress shirt we got at a thrift store and then embellished by sewing on some fringe and sequins.  Her hat is my old one from drill team.  The gun we didn’t want to look too real, so we made it out of cardboard and electrical tape.

And for our little Randy (who is actually also a girl), well, her costume isn’t so much a costume as just her winter gear.  I reeally wanted to put a yardstick through the sleeves of the snowsuit to make her arms stick out all night, but sympathy got the better of me.  I’ll be accepting the mom of the year award anytime now for that sacrifice.

The Merriest Christmas Story Family Costume