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Tap Tap the Chiseler Underdog Evil Twin Cosplay

Tap Tap the chiseler is Underdogs evil twin. He was in several episodes of Underdog. I decided that since I have never seen a Tap Tap cosplay that I should do a shout out to him.
Tap Tap dressed as Underdog to escape prison. The main difference in each cartoon is that Tap Tap always had a cigar in his mouth. Sometimes while dressed as Underdog he wore his blue hat. So that is the outfit I decided to go with.

Obviously you need to start with an Underdog head. I made mine out of eva foam and paint. I created all of my own head patterns and then made a few modifications afterwards to make it fit properly. The ears are covered in fabric. His mouth is open so you can speak and breathe.

The Outfit for Underdog came from the thrift store. I found an x-large shirt that I added elastic to the bottom of. I created a fat suit for myself to create the classic look. The cape I sewed myself from a pattern.

Just add a money bag from the bank and a gun to make him look villainous.

If you don’t want to make an Underdog outfit Tap Tap also wore a blue suit and hat when he was not dressed as Underdog.

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