Coolest Muppets Animal Costume

Muppets Animal Costume

My boyfriend is a drummer and a fan of the Muppet’s Animal. He needed a costume for a Halloween show. We found nothing in stores, so I decided to create a mask of my own. The biggest hurdle was that he needed to be able to see out of the costume to play the drums. … Read more

Coolest Animal Costume

Coolest Animal Costume 13

For this Animal Costume, I first cut out a large circle out of cardboard (about 19 inches in diameter). Then I measured the circumference of my head and drew a circle that size inside the larger circle that was already cut out. I cut an “x” out of the small circle and folded the flaps … Read more

Coolest Beaker Halloween Costume Idea

Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume Idea

I started of this Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume Idea by dying the felt pinkish color and then I glued it around the Bristol board with a glue gun. I made Beakers nose out of my fuzzy sock and stuffed it with more socks. Also put panty hose for the mouth so I could see out … Read more

Coolest Muppet Group Costume

Coolest Muppet Group Costume 2

In anticipation of the new Muppet Movie, we decided to be some of our favorite Muppets. For Gonzo: I simply took a football helmet and hot glued pieces of foam to it to build it up. I shaped the nose out of crumpled up newspaper wrapped in duct tape and hot glued it to the … Read more

Coolest Sesame Street Costumes

Homemade Sesame Street Revisited Costumes

The costumes you see here were NOT brought to you by Sesame Street. I, being a big beautiful woman, decided on a Big Bird costume. My husband was supposed to be Oscar, but then tried on my son’s Elmo costume and I died laughing, so we went with that idea, adding onto his costume in … Read more

Coolest Homemade Oscar the Grouch Costume

Homemade Oscar the Grouch Costume

I made this Homemade Oscar the Grouch Costume actually the day of Halloween! I came up with the idea when my teacher offered 10 extra credit points for anyone who comes into class in a costume. I decided to stand in a trash can and say I’m Oscar the grouch, so I thought to myself … Read more

Coolest Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume

Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume

Beaker is my favorite Muppet and really he gets all the laughs so who wouldn’t want to be him? I got the idea to make this Homemade Beaker Halloween Costume from your website but added my own twists to it. I bought a twin sized egg crate foam bed pad from Target and everything else … Read more

Coolest DIY Lamb Chop’s Play Along Couple Halloween Costume

Homemade  DIY Lamb Chop's Play Along Couple Halloween Costume

The DIY Lamb Chop’s Play Along Couple Halloween Costume idea all started with the theme of the costume party that we were attending that night. The theme of the party was your “Favorite TV character(s)”. We thought and thought about what we could be and seriously had absolutely NO idea until the day of the … Read more

Coolest Muppet Miss Piggy and Kermit Couple Costume

Homemade Muppet Miss Piggy and Kermit Couple Costume

I have a reputation of always having great costumes. I feel the good pressure every year to come up with something brilliant that makes people say “She’s done it again!” This Homemade Muppet Miss Piggy and Kermit Couple Costume was one of my husband and my best costumes we have ever done! We had a … Read more

Coolest Swedish Chef Costume

Coolest Swedish Chef Costume

I created this Swedish chef costume out of a Pabst blue ribbon box, a ball of yarn and some fabric for the hat. The paint was the cheapest acrylic paint I could find and the paper mache was made using newspaper powder. I made it because I’m a culinary student at the Culinary Institute of … Read more