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Coolest Homemade Swedish Chef from the Muppets Costume

Bork Bork Bork! I first started this Homemade Swedish Chef from the Muppets Costume with white Antron fleece, which is the fleece they use to make actual Muppets, then dyed it in a washing machine with koala brown and rose pink to get it a flesh color. I had another piece of white antron fleece, that I dyed with RIT dye in with yellow and rose pink to get the orange for the nose.

I had a foam base for the mask, and then used a baseball stitch to put the mask together by hand. I had some left over brown fur from another project and I used that for the hair. I made his chef hat freehand without a pattern. Also used fleece for his hands. Those were made with just tracing my hands and removing a finger since Muppets only have 4 fingers not 5.

I serendipitously had the blue striped T shirt already and I found the apron. I had to make the red bowtie myself, it snaps in the back since I didn’t want to tie it properly. Voila! Swedish Chef!

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10 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Swedish Chef from the Muppets Costume”

  1. The Swedish Chef is one of my favs! Great job! But did you know that the Swedish Chef is the only Muppet who has real human hands!

  2. If you happen to live in or near the San Francisco Bay Area, could I rent this costume from you? It would be used in a very brief, say 5 minute appearance in a party.

  3. hey , i’m a guy from Belgium and i’m looking for a Swedish chef costume because I’m a big fan and I’m doing a show here in Belgium and i would like to do something with “the chef”
    do you sell these costumes ?
    where can i buy one and can you tell me a price ?
    thank you , please send me a mail

  4. btw man, Swedish chef is one of the few muppets with human hands, look and you’ll see.

    The hands of the muppet are the hands of the muppeteer.


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