Coolest Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Costume

Homemade Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Costume

I decided to do the Homemade Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse Costume because they are both sexy and scary!! I chose to do the Nurses from the movie rather than the ones from the game just because I like the way they look better. This was a group costume, my sister was also a nurse … Read more

Coolest Homemade Exorcist Costume

Homemade Exorcist Costume

I wanted to make a unique costume that people would recognize, but would stand out from the crowd. I love Alfred Hitchcock so I went with the Exorcist this year. I’m a blonde so no one knew it was me. I took a cheap polyester night gown and dumped chunky split pea soup down the … Read more

The Hot Negan and his Wife Couple Costume

The hot Negan and his wife

We are from the walking dead, Negan and one of Negan’s wives. We put together our costumes with stuff we had at the house and we made our bats out of real barbwire. And he added fake blood to his to make it look cooler. Putting barbwire on a bat is harder than it looks … Read more

Cool DIY Five Nights at Freddy’s Costumes Made in a Week

Well, me Freddy Fazbear, my cousin Toy Bonnie and my sis Foxy love the Five Nights at Freddy’s videos games so we thought it’d be awesome to go as them in a group for Halloween. The only problem wast that we had very little money so my cousin printed out some reference sheets and my … Read more

Coolest Ever IT, Pennywise and Georgie Family Costume

IT Pennywise and Georgie

We got many looks at a costume party full of Winnie the Poohs and Moanas! We hand-made the boat for the SS Georgie using cardboard, thick stock paper and (of course) paint! My rain jacket only required a bit of blood splatter paint for effect. Bromely’s (my daughter) pennywise costume was made from thrifted grey … Read more

A Scary DIY Waitress Costume

The Scareiest Waitress Costume every made for women

My fictional costume character is referred to as “The Waitress”. I didn’t have to do very much to get this costume together, everything I had was right in my house because I dabble in dressup and costumes all the time, from making my own blood to finding the right kind of shoes to wear. The … Read more

Cool Victims of American Horror Story Illusion Costumes

Victims of American Horror Story

I build costumes for my partner and I every year. The great thing is we are almost identical in size.  I construct one costume and learn from my mistakes making the second build easier. I began with building the structure that would hold our “killers” . 2 wooden dowels you can find at any hardware … Read more

Scariest Homemade Samara from The Ring Costume

the ring costume

Hello! My name is Victoria A. Moran, and I am the one wearing this handmade The Ring costume I put together myself. After hearing about a local costume party last Halloween from a family member, I decided to finally dress-up as one of my favorite antagonists from one of my favorite horror films, The Ring! … Read more

The Best Homemade Pennywise 2017 Costume EVER!

The best Pennywise 2017 Costume EVER!

My beautiful daughter asked me to create a Pennywise 2017 Costume. You are kidding right? Yes I can sew; yes I have a sewing machine, not without a pattern. After many hours of searching for a pattern I had zero luck! Please Mom can you try? Sure honey let me see what I can do. … Read more

Scary Homemade IT Toddler Costume

"It" toddler costume

Loved this movie growing up so obviously with the new one coming out and my little redhead I had to make him a costume. This costume required very little sewing and a few lucky finds. I just used an old tutu for the lace collars and sleeves.  I used material from a bed sheet for … Read more

Scariest DIY Horror Movie Characters for a Family Costume

For our annual Halloween party, we needed a family themed costume. We wanted to do something a little different and came up with each of us being iconic horror movie characters (keep in mind our kids had no clue who these characters were!). My goalie son just had to be Jason and my daughter with … Read more