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Super-Original Asparagus Costume

I’m a college student studying botany, so of course I wanted to be a plant for Halloween  but how I came to an asparagus. Well I’m not really sure, it just popped into my head one day, and I’m so glad too because it turned out great! Here is how I did it:

The main part of the costume is the head piece, and although it may look heavy, it is actually very light and did not fall off my head once!

The Steps:

We started with a base; a flexible child’s (I gotta small head) bowler hat that I found at a craft store. Next we cut the sides off the bowler hat, then for the height, my mother suggested I use thin cardboard, like what gift boxing is made of. So we took an entire gift box, tapped it around the bowler hat, and cut two pieces off to make the top’s tip.

The next step was to apply all the felt. I opted for a two tone look with a lighter green base and darker felt for the accent leaves. NOTE: I should have bought the felt in yards. Next I cut out a ton of dark green scale leaves from a pattern I drew, and after applying the base green, it was time to strategically place the scales. I glued them down with hot glue, but for the top I only glued the bases of certain scales to give them more “natural volume”. So for the top, I just layered and layered and layered, again not completely gluing them down. The taller the better.

Final touches:

I found an awesome green leafy dress for $10! and wore green sandals. My good friend did my green make up and helped me spray my hair bright green!

I hope this encourages you to be an asparagus too!

Super-Original Asparagus Costume

Super-Original Asparagus Costume

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