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One of the Coolest DIY Scary Costumes – A Demon

I’m really into scary costumes and this is the story behind my Demon costume. My name is Daniel. I’m a college art student in Southern California. Halloween is my favorite holiday and I love creating awesome scary costumes to scare as many people as possible (it always works).

This year I challenged myself to create a full body rubber costume. I looked around the web for ideas and came across many fur costume sites, scary costumes site, and a liquid latex site with instructions on making a latex body suit. I put the two together and developed Nevarc: The Albino Demon, a full body suit simulating skin with foam muscles underneath.

I started with the foam which I acquired from my work (thank God). This was the messiest procedure out of everything. I started by cutting various shapes and either sanding them or gluing them together to form the muscles. Afterwards I used a soldering iron to add extra detail in the muscle that would show through the suit. After creating the muscles they were glued on to an old under armor shirt and a pair of tights with Super 77 (a spray adhesive).

Next with the shirt and tights on I was wrapped in plastic wrap (with the help of my girlfriend and best friend). This was to ensure the liquid latex wouldn’t stick to me or the foam. After a white lycra body suit (body weaver $50) was put on over the two foam and plastic covered garments. Making sure everything was where it was supposed to be a layer of liquid latex (Liquid Latex World $60) (again thanks to my girlfriend) was painted onto the body suit. After this base coat was dry a second and third layer was brushed on to give it texture and strength.

Demon Costume

When dry to touch the suit was carefully peeled off and hung to dry. Originally it was going to be a few pieces of scary costumes however when I tested putting the body suit back on it pulled and tore at the foam. This made things a little difficult but luckily I pulled through. I turned the suit inside out and thankfully there were indentations for all the foam pieces. It was merely a matter of gluing the corresponding pieces to the inside of the suit.

When this was accomplished it was time to airbrush. I wanted an albino look so I used reds blues and grays on top of a white base. Blue veins were airbrushed first over the base coat followed by the red highlights and then subtle grey shadows. I also re-painted a pair of bat wings (Specter Studios $40) to match with the costume.

On Halloween it was time to wear my creation. I put it on up to my waist to allow myself to work on my Make-up. I first put in my Berserker contacts (Coastal Contacts $70). Next my foam appliance mask (Scream Team $50) purchased last year was glued to my face using pros-aide. Then liquid latex was stippled on the edges to blend them in with my face. A base color of white was applied to my entire face head and neck area. This was followed by red highlights and dark red shading.

After applying the make-up I inserted my Lucis Teeth (Dental Distortions $42) and scared my mother hah. I strapped the bat wings to my back and inserted them through two slits cut in the back of the suit .When the whole process was done (around 2 hours) I headed to my work and other places to scare and show and terrorize unfortunates through out the night. I am very pleased with my first attempt at building these awful scary costumes. The reactions and comments I received make up for all the time (2 weeks) and money spent. Hope you guys enjoy it as well even though pictures don’t do it justice. Till next time! Muahahahaha

Total Spent: $270

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