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Original Hanging With Friends Homemade Couple Costume

These costumes were actually pretty easy to make. Once I had the idea, I just had to put it all together. The balloons were the hardest due to the helium shortage, but we managed to find some! First the male’s outfit consisted of yellow scrubs, a yellow and a blue t-shirt and yellow and black felt. I cut the sleeves and bottom of the yellow shirt and hot glued it to the bottom and sleeves of the blue shirt. I then placed the pre cut yellow felt by hot gluing it onto the t-shirt. Cut the letters from the black felt and glued that on as well. The eyebrows you can get at the $1 store!

As far as the female’s outfit, I made huge yellow bows out of yellow ribbon. This totally makes the outfit so DO NOT forget the bows! The legwarmers I purchased on line. A white t-shirt and I bought fabric paint and made the polka dots. The dress was actually a skirt, but I purchased extra fabric and sewed straps and the buttons I purchased and sewed on as well. This was a super easy costume to make and people loved it!  So many people play this game as an app on their phones so we definitely were recognized! This is the generation for smart phones and competitive apps, so we went along with that and had a blast in these ultra comfortable costumes!

Original Hanging With Friends Homemade Couple Costume

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