Original Doug Funnie’s QuailWoman Costume

I always appreciate original, yet creative Halloween Costumes. Who didn’t like Doug Funnie, Patty Mayonnaise and Skeeter growing up? I decided to put a feminine twist on Doug’s alter-ego character, Quailman. A quick trip to Goodwill provided me with a red vampire cape, cargo shorts, belt, and a simple green tank.

Next stop was to Beverly’s Fabric store for fabric glue, white ribbon, Velcro  pipe cleaners, red adhesive felt and a yard of thick lace. Then I got crafty. I glued the lace onto the sleeves, cut out a ‘Q’ from the felt, glued the ribbon onto the bottom of the cape, adjusted the belt to fit head comfortably and added Velcro to keep in place, cut the remaining part of belt and glue to head-belt with pipe cleaner for “tail.”

Lastly I threw on some plain white socks, pink Chuck Taylor’s and of course, undies over my cargo shorts. This costume was a total hit-I almost don’t want to share it with the worldwide web, I like it so much! This would be a funny couple costume idea-make your man be Patty Mayonnaise!