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Coolest Ever DIY Moana Family Costume

Here’s the story behind our Moana family costume. My daughters and niece are huge fans of the movie Moana, and decided they wanted to dress up as characters from the movie for Halloween. We incorporated their costumes into their birthday party, as they have birthdays before and after Halloween. I agreed to get into the spirit and help them dress up as the characters they wanted. Along with their costumes, they wanted my husband and I to dress up as well, and we could not say no!

My older daughter, Claire, is 5, and wanted to be Moana. My younger daughter, Addison, who is 3, wanted to be Pua (the pig).  Chloe, my three-year-old niece, also wanted to be Hei Hei the chicken. They then told my husband that they wanted him to be the Shiny Crab, Tamatoa.  And they said they wanted me to be Tefiti.  My sister decided to join in on the fun and decided to be Teka.  Unfortunately, we could not get anyone to dress as Maui, but we had a pretty good group of people!

Making our Moana Family Costume

Claire (age 5) – MOANA – I found my daughter’s Moana costumes online. It came with the costume, heart of tefiti necklace, and wig. I decided this was better than making the costume, as I had a full cast to put together, and I’m a stay at home mom, so I only had time to craft at night after the kids went to bed! 

Addison (age 3) – PUA (pig) – I made this costume using a white hoodie, craft felt, cardboard, and a headband. I also made a pig nose using craft foam, but we forgot the nose when we took the pictures (oops!) This probably was the easiest costume to make, though the ears took a while!

Chloe (age 3) – HEI HEI (chicken) – I made this costume using a fun blue fabric I found at Joann Fabrics, some cardboard for the tail, craft felt, a headband, and a pair of yellow leggings from Amazon. We had the “feet” from a costume from last year. Putting the tail together was challenging, but fun at the same time.  It was tricky to get the cardboard to stick to the fabric, and then it was a bit of a challenge to figure out how to keep it “up.”  Haha!  I’m just glad it all came together.  Making the headpiece was super fun, and I personally think it completes the costume!

Nathan (age 39) – TAMATOA (shiny crab) – I made this costume using royal blue sweat pants, hoodie, a metal snow saucer, pool noodles from Walmart, Pirates treasure pack from Amazon, thick pipe cleaners, large size googlie eyes, pom poms, shiny fabric from Joann Fabrics, craft foam, elastic, and blue craft felt. I didn’t have any big hiccups making this costume, however I had an issue with the rope attaching properly to the snow saucer.  We tried a bunch of glue, but it was too heavy!  My handy husband ended up screwing the rope onto the inside of the sled.  I only wish I had covered the inside of the shell with fabric, as you can actually see the pool noodles.  I laughed almost the entire time we made this one!  My daughter Claire helped me put the glitter on his pants and hoodie.  She had a blast!

Amy (age 31) – TEKA – I made this costume using red, orange, and yellow 6″ tulle and making a large tutu skirt, a black shirt from Walmart, red, orange and yellow puffy paint, black craft foam, craft felt, and a wig from a halloween store. This costume was not much of a challenge, and was probably second in line to easiest aside from Pua.  It just took time to make the skirt, and time to let the puffy paint dry.  I hadn’t used puffy paint since I was a kid!

Missy (ME – age 36) – TEFITI – I made this costume using a green polyester fabric from Joann Fabrics, and a sparkly sheer green fabric as an overlay for the dress. I then hot glued craft moss and silk flowers on the sleeves and the bottom edge of the dress. The tefiti hair is a crochet hat made of green yarn, and then different pieces of yarn tied through the hat. I then added a flower crown to the hair. I also bought the green makeup to finish the look. The only hiccup I had with this costume, was that the moss kept falling off the dress.  Hot glue wasn’t the perfect type of glue for these materials, and I’m not exactly sure what would be.  But overall, I had a lot of fun making (and wearing) this cosume.  I was actually told I made someone’s Halloween last week!  

It was so much fun making our Moana family costume and I would do it all again! I searched google/pinterest for Moana family costume ideas, but all of the materials were things I found on my own. I did watch a tutorial on youtube for the Tefiti makeup, as I am not really used to wearing makeup, especially green makeup!

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