Last-Minute Baby Scarecrow Halloween Costume

On October 4, I headed to party store to get my 5 month old a skunk costume that I thought was to die for. The sticker said 42.00 and at that time money was no problem. I asked the clerk  if I could try it on her. As I am putting this Little skunk costume on I noticed that the hair/fur was coming out by the handfuls. So I decided that maybe I should wait. It was so adorable but something told me “Just wait!!!”

October 5, my husband calls me and told me that the bank that he works for is downsizing his department and he had lost his job.

Now, there was no way that I could buy that 42.00 skunk costume. Then I looked out in the yard and saw the little yard scarecrow  I had bought the previous year at the local store for 5.00..I had a thought.

I brought it in, tore it apart, took the clothing off and hot glued them together to fit my little angel. It was amazing.

5.00 plus a little hot glue = priceless costume.






Are we in Oz?

Dorothy is that you?

I fell again!

Dorothy can I go? Please!!

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  1. Any chance you still have this, and would be willing to sell ?? It would be absolutely perfect for completing our family wizard of oz theme this year!!! It is by far the cutest scarecrow I can find anywhere online!!!

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