Hilarious Bag of Weed Costume!

We were three, and did this with dried weeds for cows, plastics for painters and tape. We first took the dimensions needed for each of us, and began cutting the plastics. It was not easy to do this in a little old caravan, while other friends were partying right in front of us. Plastics were like 6 meters long, and a meter large, so we had to do it very carefully, with a lot of application not to transform it into a mess.

After a lot of work, hours of laughs and tears, we finally finished… the first one. Yeah. The others have been long to make too, but at 3 AM we finished all of those.

The next night, we went to a big costume party. It was horribly hard to find a taxi that was able to take us. At the entry, the security was controlling everybody coming in. When they saw us, they laughed a lot, and let us come in without searching us.

Before the party, we said that this costume would just know a simple go, without coming home. So during the party, we spread almost all the weeds on the floor. There was weed everywhere, very amusing situation.

Finally, it was worth it a lot, and although we know that a lot of people did costumes harder to make, better to wear and more beautiful, this one permitted us to have a very good night – party, and laugh a lot. (We made a big impression, in fact, this is very egotripping to say it, but costumes are all about being seen in the party we went).

At the end, and as a conclusion, I’d say that it was especially nice to do this in an old caravan, all night long, and to go to the party the night after.

Thanks to Boboze and Lucaravane

Hilarious Bag of Weed Costume!

Hilarious Bag of Weed Costume!