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Head in a Mason Jar Optical Illusion Costume

My 15 year old daughter created this mason jar optical illusion costume. We saw different variations last year on the internet and we thought “We can do this”, so she created this costume for her 7 year old brother Mason.

We used an old lab coat, cereal boxes, plastic bags and a backpack to raise neck above Mason’s head. She made the neck with cardboard, paint, plastic bags and a paper plate. She said the most frustrating part was creating the body of the costume.

Mason won first place at our campground and the owner said it was the best he had seen in over 40 years. He got lots of stares from all the kids and everyone couldn’t believe he was just standing straight up — they thought he was hunched over.

The head container was a cheese puff plastic container with the bottom cut out. Mason thought it was too cool!

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