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Fun Homemade Furby Costume

I absolutely love Furbies and all things 90’s. Since I could not find a Furby costume to buy or rent anywhere, I thought I would try and make one.

I wore this for Halloween in Liverpool in England. I had a great response from my friends and other people whilst out. We got stuck in town at then end of the night as it was impossible to get a taxi home. So we went and hung out at our Liverpool University Library at 6am dressed up until we could get a taxi.

Making my Furby Costume

So to make the costume was quite straight forward and inexpensive as I had a lot of the materials. In fact, I don’t think I actually needed to buy anything.

I had a queen of hearts playing card costume which goes over your head and your arms pop our either side. So I used that as a surface to stick the Furby material to. But you could probably use a t-shirt or something similar.

My partner’s Mum has an attic full of treasure. So that is where I sourced the Black Wool and White Wool which I trimmed to the desired shape and then attached with safety pins to the playing card costume.


I then sourced some cereal boxes to reinforced the Furby’s features with (eyes, nose, radar thingymajg and ears).

For the different colours required I opened word and then coloured the whole page in the colour I wanted by inputting a shape (rectangle) and filling the box with a colour. This allowed me to get the exact colours I wanted. Also, it saved me having to go to the shop and source the colours. For the eyes I google image searched galaxies to get the effect. Then, I copied and pasted the image to word, increased it’s size then printed it and cut it out. For the radar thingymajig, I cut out the card board into the desired shape. Then I covered it in tin foil. I then used superglue to stick the facial features onto the Wool and that was the Furby complete.


furby costume

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