Eternity Costume from Marvel Comics

Who dares summon Eternity?

Eternity is a Marvel comics Cosmic being from Dr Strange comics.

I started this costume with a trip to the value clothing store around Halloween. There I picked up the basic black material to start with. I used 5 ghoul costumes as a start because I found one had a pants and one had a hood. I used one outfit to make each sleeve and the other ones for matching material to cover the hood behind the head. I wanted the head to blend in perfect to the background. I sewed the arms onto the body of the costume after I created them by making a homemade pattern. I’m still learning to sew but it was not that difficult.

I then went and purchased outer space material from Joanne. I also had scrapes of other colors that I used for making some planets and other outer space pieces. Some of the designs were combinations of both and some are hand painted like most of the individual stars. The space material was appliquéd onto the black material with iron on. This was one of the harder parts because I had a certain look I wanted. I did not want a lot of duplication. The outfit is different on both sides. I also used some glitter,  glitter glue and black sequence to make the stars and space twinkle in the light.

The mask was purchased on e-bay. I bought the blue and black paint in a spray can for the mask. I masked the mask with tape and sprayed each side. I covered the eye holes in the mask with material on the inside before I painted it. The star over one eye was cut out on a Cricket machine and glued on. I have it offset to the side so it hardly blocks my vision. I did glue some cotton on the inside of the mask to help my face breathe. I also made the mouth and nose holes bigger so I could breathe better.

There are several types of basic mask available but for this costume you want an older looking face since this is Eternity. They are harder to find but available.

The hood is made out of black cardboard from Michaels. Sprayed with glue and the material stuck on to it and then cutout. I also have a piece of elastic attached to the hood that goes over my forehead and is attached to the hood to keep it from flopping around. There is a slit cut into the back of my costume at my neck and the hood slides into a slot and sits in a pocket between my shoulder blades. The pocket is made from bat wings or angel wings that go over my shoulder and around my chest. I just remove the wings and bent the wire into a pocket. I added some duct tape for more support of the pocket.

Basic black gloves and shoes finish off the costume.

Total cost of the costume $40-$50 is my guess.

Length of time to make Eternity… but worth it for Comic Con.

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