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Easy Last-Minute Couple Halloween Costume: Gnomeo and Juliet

Last year, my family went to watch “Gnomeo & Juliet” and I immediately knew what I wanted to be for Halloween. For weeks, I worked on getting my straight laced, super uptight husband to agree to be “Joe-meo & Julia-et,” a play on our names. Somehow, I managed to convince him to go along for the ride. The problem… he didn’t agree until an hour and a half before the party!

For Juliet, I used an old red empire waist maxi dress, a black sports bra, an empire waist lace blouse, and some red scrap fabric. First, I separated the red dress at the waistline. I also separated the lace blouse at the empire waistline. Then, I attached the top of the blouse to the bottom of the red dress. I cut a portion of the lace skirt from the blouse into an apron and sewed it to the sports bra. Finally, I measured the circumference of my head, cut 2 triangles of the red scrap and sewed a gnome hat. Juliet was finished.

On to Gnomeo, which was even simpler. My husband already owned a blue Henley shirt. I cut the neckline into a V and removed the sleeves to make a pullover vest, which he wore over a white tee shirt.  I used fabric from the sleeves to make his hat, which I stuffed with polyfil to keep it standing up. I took some black scrap fabric and sewed him a belt, which was held closed with a safety pin. I cut the belt buckle was made from silver glitter foam and attached it to the belt with small safety pins. Since Gnomeo wears all blue, he just wore an old pair of jeans. Gnomeo was done with time to spare!

We arrived on time for the party. I got a lot of compliments on our costumes and everyone got a real kick out of seeing my husband let loose and join in the fun.

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