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Easy and Creative “Breaking Bone” Costume for Your Pet

This costume is for all the Breaking Bad fans out there! It is easy to produce and fun to make. I’ve seen so many costumes on people or babies, but no pets as of yet!

I used dollar store supplies for it all. I found a beard kit at the dollar store and just cut it with scissors to fit my dogs face. The glasses are from the dollar store as well. They are actually children’s glasses. Lastly, the black hat I found at a thrift store, Value Village. It was an affordable costume to say the least. I probably spent a total of $8-10 maximum. Everything fit on my dog Chico comfortably. I did not need to add any adhesive (which I would not have used because that’s not safe nor logical to use on a pet). The beard that I cut to fit around his mouth, just fit comfortably without any support from any adhesive. The hat came with a string attached to it, so it was easy to put on. The glasses didn’t fit 100%, but I got the glasses to stay on just for the photo shoot. It took me a few tries to get the perfect shot because my dog Chico kept on moving around, but I finally got the shot I wanted after about 5 tries or so. I’ve been doing photographs of pets and my dog for years now. I enjoy dressing them up for Halloween and other various occasions. My friends and family are familiar now with me, seeing all these funny costumes and photo ideas I come up with. I love the reactions of others when they see these photographs. It gives me great pleasure that I have brightened someones day with a humorous photo of a pet dressed up in a funny or ridiculous outfit. I think everyone can get a kick out of that!

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