Decent, Wearable Costume for Larger People – Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth Couple Costume

My husband and I went as Dog the Bounty Hunter and Beth couple costume last year, not because we LOVE the show, but because it’s hard to find decent, wearable costumes for larger people.

My husband went as Dog (obviously). Since he’s a 2XL, we couldn’t use (and didn’t really want to use) the store bought costumes. We bought an old leather coat from Goodwill, which I cut up and sewed back together to make the leather vest. We added all the goodies, like handcuffs, bag guy spray, leg bands and a decent mullet wig. He wore black pants and a black deep V shirt under the vest. He even spray tanned and I made him some arm bands to match the Dog’s!

I wore a black leather vest, the trashiest animal print, lace, see-through shirt I could find, and my biggest push up bra (ha, ha). Black pants and high heeled animal print boots! I added hair extensions to my normal hair even though you can’t see them well in the pics. Fake nails, gun holsters on the legs and all the other accessories.

We had a blast and everyone recognized us! Best of all, we were able to go out and dance and have a great time. Not the most original costume, but the best done I’ve seen!