I knew that an off the rack pencil costume would be lame so I took it in another direction. I found yellow dress at Goodwill a few sizes too large and sewed ridges into it (which made it the right size). I spray painted some old rain boots pink and used green duct tape to add the contrast. The number 2 and the lettering are all green Sharpie. The hat is a paper cone from the craft store painted into a pencil tip. Super easy and it was a HUGE hit!

My boyfriend does not get into the Halloween spirit and refused to dress as another piece of office supplies (I thought he should be a pen). We ended up using Sharpie to draw a crossword puzzle of spooky words. There were numbered clues on the back. The costume was way cooler than my pen idea!

Best of all we spent around $14 for both costumes. That’s hard to beat!