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Deer Caught In Headlights Couple Costume

For the gal, start with “a little fb lack dress” then go to Lowes or Home Depot (not with the LBD) and head to the hvac aisle. Purchase a tool of metal tape to be usEd for the center line on the road.  It runs about $7 then in the lighting department there are the battery operated dome lights.$5  Get the batteries and try the lights before you leave.  They have bad reviews online and had to go through several sets at the customer service counter to find one good set that works.  

Then off to Hobby Lobby for foam core yellow for the sign. $5.  Pull a deer crossing logo from online and print off onto adhesive film and attach to foam core. I used a paint stir stick from Lowes to hot glue to the backside of the sign for the handle $0. Strategically place your “headlights” on when you are wearing you LBD. I attached with fishing line looped through a hole in the back of the light and secured with a safety pin and reinforced with double sided tape.  

For the deer we attached a pair of light weight antlers from my husband’s decoy to a metal hair and that I got at Hobby Lobby and then anchored it to a brown ball cap.  Fabric was also purchased at HL for the chest and sewn to brown sweatshirt and wore brown sweats.  The reaction going into the club was great as people from a distance see you coming with your “headlights” on.  We were asked numerous times to have our picture taken with many woodsmen and duck dynasty folks this year.  The place was packed with people in costume.  

We didn’t go with competing in any contest but was asked to participate.  It was through audience appreciation voting that we WON best overall  and received $500 cash.

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  1. I would love to make this deer costume for my elementary boys and third oldest boy wants to be a hunter. This is the coolest handmade deer costume that I have seen. Can you please explain in more detail how you attached the decoy deer antlers to the brown cap? Thank you!


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