Coolest Homemade David Bowie Costume From Labyrinth

David Bowie passed and the decision was made to become Bowie on Halloween. At fist I wasn’t sure what i was going to do and I always had a love for the movie the Labyrinth. I began searching the net for items to use as a costume and it all came to together. It was incredibly difficult to find a shirt with the diamond cuts in the sleeves to match his in the movie, but Etsy is wonderful thing!

I was able to put everything together and it was great. I tried learning how to contact juggle for the part, but it’s incredibly difficult. I guess that’s why Bowie never did it either . Everyone knew exactly who I was and were pretty impressed with the crystals balls even though I just spun them in my hands.

I was so honoured to be David Bowie and to celebrate his life this year!