Rowan (2 1/2 years old) dressed as AMCs The Walking Dead’s Daryl Dixon. We have spent the past couple of weeks catching up on the show and my son sits contently and watches with us. He loves zombies! That’s when I got the idea to dress him as Daryl Dixon.

First things first – find a child’s size leather biker vest. Craigslist was a gold mine, found one for $10. I bleached an old pair of work jeans to get the light but dirty colored look for the wings on the back of the vest. Hand drew the wings on the denim with black pen, cut out and glued on the vest.

Next was the crossbow. We found a bow and arrow at the dollar store for 5 bucks! Attached it to an old toy gun using zip ties and spray painted it black. Made some arrows out of plastic hangers and craft foam. Add some old boots, jeans and an old plaid cut off shirt and outfit is complete.

He got lots of compliments at the Fall Festival and was even asked to have his picture taken. All in all, we had a blast creating and wearing this costume. Hope you enjoy!