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Creative DIY Halloween Costume Idea: Topps Baseball Card

My oldest son wanted to be a NY Yankees baseball card so I wanted to have the copy store enlarge a card, but due to copyright restrictions, they couldn’t so we used a photo off the internet and had them enlarge it.  I then cut it and glued it to foam board.  I then printed off the ‘Topps’ logo online and glued it on.  We then glued on the letters for his name and team name.  We then cut out the head part and put handles on the back so he could hold it.  It came out great!

Everyone loved it, except the fact that he was a Yankee!  haha.  We live in New England where most everyone loves the Red Sox!  All in all, it was great except it costs $25 to get an enlargement that big so this was not a cheap costume.  He is getting older and he loved it so that’s all that really matters.

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