Coolest Yoshi Costume

Every year we make homemade costumes and the task this year was to make a Yoshi costume.

The costume cost about $35, we watched sales for everything, which helped.


A used bicycle helmet from a garage sale
Felt in green, red, white
Small remnant of sheer white fabric
Green, red, white, black paint, which I had on hand
Rigid Wrap, about $10
Penguin pattern, $1.99 on sale
Masking tape
Plastic store bags, used to stuff him
Accessories, which we had: A large stuffed Mario, a Yoshi backpack used as a treat bag.

First we blew up a large balloon to be big enough to cover the bike helmet. We used Rigid Wrap to cover this (found in craft stores in the plaster paris area, it is gauze impregnated with plaster, like what they used on casts). We covered the top two thirds of the balloon, leaving the bottom exposed.

After this dried, we popped the balloon and set this over the helmet, stuffing the space between the Wrap and the helmet, then taping the helmet to the balloon shape. We then covered the tape with Rigid Wrap and allowed to dry. Next we taped a balloon to the front as a nose, two as eyes, and taped down two as cheeks, then Rigid Wrapped these.

We also used cardboard to make the spine and taped it on the back, Rigid Wrapping it, too.

The head was painted after this all dried.

Next we made the body. This was a challenge; we made over a penguin pattern that we had purchased. We used bags to stuff the tail and the arms. To stuff the body, we pinned plastic bags full of plastic bags to his clothing.

After the body and head were done, we used felt and shear fabric to make a neck, so the person wearing this could see. We attached it with glue and then gave it a Velcro opening to get it on and off easier.

We made shoe covers in red felt.

We created a shell out of red felt and attached it, then positioned a stuffed Mario to ride on Yoshi. A Yoshi backpack seemed like the perfect treat bag.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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  1. I’m asking if it is possible to rent this costume because my ten years boy’s had a spectacle to do this first week of June, and he need a Yoshi costumes. I don’t known if you were from Montréal, Canada.

  2. Can I pay you $40.00 to make me one…my son what’s a Yoshi costume for his 6th birthday costume party. I’m in Southern California.


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