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Coolest Voodoo Witch Doctor Costume

Materials used for this Voodoo Witch Doctor Costume:

* 2 Hula skirts
* Pirate wig
* Cave man necklaces and bracelets
* Character teeth
* White contacts
* Beads
* Hemp string
* Skull
* Bag of feathers
* Hot glue gun and glue sticks
* Skull necklaces
* Make-up
* Small elastic
* Skull staff

The first thing I did was purchase hula skirts and cut them to about my knees. After completing the skirt, I purchased a skeleton garland to use as belt and skull necklaces from our local dollar store. Then I purchased the pirate wig, teeth, caveman necklace and bracelets, skull staff and make-up from the Halloween store. The beads, string, glue sticks, elastic and feathers from the Joanne Fabrics.

After purchasing all the materials I got to work drilling a hole through the skull I purchased in order to run the string through it. Then I started the tedious task of beading the string. To finish the skull I tied small strings to the ends near the skull, beaded them and hot glued feathers to the ends. I also made arm accessories with the string, beads, elastic and feathers.

With the bag of bones and the garland I created a belt by alternating skull then bones. I then cut the hula skirt to my knees but any length would work – I found this worked best because of the ankle bracelets. To complete the hard work, “not”, I glued some fur from last year to an old pair of sandals.

Putting it all together was simple after all the work. I popped in the contacts and teeth and spent about an hour doing my makeup.

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