Coolest Vending Machine Costume

I am a HUGE M&M collector. I have an entire room full of M&M items. Everyone tells me it looks like a store. I have M&M candy dispenser, many many pins, magnets, clocks, radios, everything you can image in an M&M. I also have M&M towels sheets pillows, plates, cups, mugs, silverware. M&M items in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and my desk at work. I wear something M&M everyday, shirts, socks, jacket. I became a Human M&M in NY Times Square for the grand opening of the M&M store there.

SO when it came to Halloween I came up with the idea to make a huge M&M Candy Vending Machine (and yes it dispenses bags of M&M’s if you put money in the slot!)

The front of the machine is covered with clear Plexiglas. I used Slinkys for the coils that hold the different choices of flavors of M&M’s. There are 3 rows of 3. I used a toilet bowl flusher handler for the coin return. There is a push door to get your candy out after you pay and pick what you want. There is a dollar slot and a coin slot. and buttons to push for your choice. There is a place that change comes out of.

And there you have it A human M&M candy vending machine costume!

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