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Coolest Spooky Tree Costume

Hi and Happy Halloween! This year my daughter wanted to be a Spooky Tree so her mom and dad put their minds together to create this sinister looking Spooky Tree costume.

We started off by working some cardboard into a log shape then using a stiff round tube rolled in a circle to keep the round shape. We cut out eyes and a mouth from foam board then rolled some cardboard to create the nose.

Once that was done we sprayed the log with crack filler expanding foam and flattened it thin so that when it starts to dry it will expand and give the look of tree bark also adding thicker beeds around the eyes, arm holes and the edge of the mouth for lips.

We then cut out root shapes out of foam board, attached them to the bottom of the log and laid down a thick beed of foam to make the roots appear fat. Now that was done on to the top which is removable for better transportation.

We rolled out another log shape of cardboard short this time with pvc pipes so that it can attach to the main log. Then glued very light plastic pipes that we cut off of those plastic pitch forks you find at the 99cent store and made branches out of them.

To make the branches look thicker we used poster board and rolled them into cone shapes and glued them on. Once that was done, more foam for the bark look, and on to paint two different types of brown to add more of a tree look. Now its looking good – we cut up some cardboard and shaped them around her fore arm and used velcro to attach them to her arm, glued on some gloves and cut out foam board to give the appearance of long finger nails.

We then covered the hands in spray foam and painted them and glued on some moss and made some small cuffs for her upper arms and covered those with moss as well. For the final touches we rolled brown paper around the branches, added some spooky apples/candy apples glitter skeletons, artificial fall leaves and led lights-n-sounds with battery operated lights with more moss all over.

Last to do were the teeth which we shaped from foam and painted like candy corns. This took team work from mom and dad and 7 days to put together. We hope you like this Spooky Tree Costume, everyone else loved it, Enjoy…

Coolest Spooky Tree Costume 15

Coolest Spooky Tree Costume 15

Coolest Spooky Tree Costume 15

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