Coolest She Ra Princess of Power Costume

I looked around forever for a She Ra Princess of Power Costume because she was my childhood hero. I could find one no where and only found sites with costumes that just did not seem life like enough for me! So, I decided to craft one myself.

I bought a slipdress in white and used wood glue to attach craft glittery foam to it in shapes of “petals.” I bought a bag of “jewels” at the craft store and glued on to the middle of my gold slitter foam on the top and some blue gems on my sword (Halloween store $5).

I went to the fabric store and got a few yard of gold 2″ belt like material from the ribbon section and cut these to use as cuff guards around my wrists and as a neck choker. I attached them together with Velcro strips so I could also remove them if needed.

For my headband I used the same 2″ ribbon and cut it into a downward point and glued a ruby jewel on it. This was the hardest part of the costume. I used kids foam that hardens for the side parts of the headband by making a back piece that molded almost to my head then rolled out tubes and shapes them up the mold. I made a little loop on the bottom and let these harden to dry over glass candles so they did not lose their shape.

I then spray painted these gold and Velcrod them to a tan headband and attached the forehead piece to the headband with bobby pins. I then spray painted knee high boots from the thrift store with the same gold fabric paint. I bought a sheet of red shiny fabric and cut it into a triangular shape and Velcrod that to the gold choker. I think that was it!

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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