This Prince Charming and Cinderella Costume were our costumes for a Halloween Piano Recital where I accompanied my daughter on the song “So This is Love” from Walt Disney’s “Cinderella.”

I adapted the McCall’s pattern for a Civil War uniform to make my outfit, and adapted and combined Simplicity’s patterns for Snow White and Sleeping Beauty to make hers. Sadly, this pattern is no longer in print. She was forty-two inches tall at the time, and yet the circumference of the dress was twenty-four feet!

My costume is constructed of gabardine embellished with lots of gold braid and trim. The gown is made of crepe backed satin. I purchased the gloves for us both, and covered a headband with leftover gown fabric. I strung her necklace with square beads to give it the appearance of being a choker and dressing it a bit more than using a plain black ribbon.

Getting her hair to stay up in a bun was almost as challenging as making the costumes!