We always go all out for our Trunk or Treat Halloween party at church. This year we decided on doing the trunk as Cinderella’s Pumpkin Coach. I thought of doing this half and half Cinderella (before and after the Godmother) homemade costume 3 days before the party!! I was very lucky in my thrift finds on the first trip out  to the thrift stores and dollar stores. Most of the pieces you can make from stuff you find. My husband volunteered to be the Fairy Godmother. Our kids were embarrassed by our excessivenes and did their own thing!  We were a hit at the party!

Cinderella “before/after”:

DRESS- I found this simple, blue bridesmaid’s dress at a thrift store and used it as the “base” dress. I found an off-white sheet with a scalloped/eyelet edge and used my daughter’s hot pink dress from her costume last year. My mom cut the pink dress and sheet to size and sewed everything in layers  (sheet on blue, pink on sheet) then sewed it all together. I then cut the pink fabric to look as if the step-sisters ripped it up.Then Mom sewed thin eyelet lace down the center to show the half split. The side sash is made from excess material cut from the blue dress and embellished in the eyelet lace. I already had a massive petticoat in the costume box that we cut out two-thirds of the lace off, so it was only poofy on the “enchanted” side.

HAIR- I took a dark blonde wig and put a stretchy blue headband around it, and simply pinned the “enchanted” side up and left the “ripped” side down.

ACCESSORIES- the earring on the “enchanted” side is just a little girl’s plastic earring from the dollar store that I took the clip on part off and attached it to an earring I had that had a post.

SHOES- shoe on the “ripped” side is a brownish/green flat I already owned and the shoe on the enchanted side is from a sparkly set I bought at Walmart. I used only one fingerless long glove on the “enchanted” side. Necklace was a piece of electrical tape, folded in half and taped on with body tape.

Fairy Godmother:

CLOAK- this is just a blue camping poncho that I pinned a Christmas bow from the craft store on.

ACCESSORIES- White wig that I cut shorter, striped socks and wand, both from the dollar store.

Trunk: I measured the trunk width to make sure I had a large enough cardboard- I did! I took an extra-large cardboard box cut it so it laid flat and did a coat of primer on it. When the primer dried, I painted it with light blue paint I already had. I cut the cardboard round and left flaps on the side to help it stand better. We made pumpkin lines with glue and blue glitter, cut a door and crown for the top from gold poster board and glued it on the box, cut a window out, and hot-glued curtains on the inside. The curtains were just some scarves I had laying around the house.

The wheels were old hula-hoops donated by my neighbor and wrapped in silver tape and clear-taped to the box. The coach’s steps were just a kid’s step-stool.

We eventually had to close the trunk half way and tape the top of the carriage to the trunk to keep the wind from knocking it over.