Coolest NBC Peacock Costume

I wanted to be a peacock for Halloween but I had to be different so I decided to go as the NBC peacock. The Homemade NBC Peacock Costume was extremely easy to make.

I cut out foam board in the shape of the NBC peacock feathers and sprayed glued the feathers on the foam board. I cut 2 holes out in the bottom/base of the board and looped a ribbon through it which I then looped through the belt loops on my shorts. This is easy until you need to use the bathroom (hence I would recommend a skirt).
For the body, I wrapped and pinned white feather boas all around me. To top it off, I created the NBC sign and just like the background foam board, I looped this sign onto my belt loops on my shorts.

And done! The entire costume cost around $40-$50. Well worth it as I won best overall costume at the Halloween party.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

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