Coolest Mickey and Minnie Mouse Couple Costume

I made this Homemade Mickey and Minnie Mouse Couple Costume using inexpensive black and red fabric. The pants are just simple elastic red pants with two large buttons sowed in front. The dress is a ¾ circle dress with a zipper on the back. I used fabric paint to add the polka dots on the fabric. I also used fabric paint for the black lines on the gloves. I wore a tight black shirt under the dress to make the arms look black.

For the ears I used a thin headband, and then with a hot glue gun, I attached some circle cardboard ears, that had a little piece of the bottom cut off to follow the shape of the head, so they would fit more snuggly. Then I spray painted them all black. For the bows I put some newspaper inside to make them a little stiffer and keep them from drooping. The Mickey bow is attached around the neck using a safety pin.

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