Coolest Lucille Ball Costume

This is my twenty-two month old daughter Leila Jayde Carrington as Lucille Ball. Me and my mother made this costume. Everything is homemade except for a few parts of the dress and the jewelry.

I like to incorporate her naturally curly red hair into her Halloween costumes. Last year she was Pebbles Flintstone.

We bought the dress at a resale shop. It was supposed to be a Minnie Mouse costume but we made several changes to make it look like a 50’s style dress. I made the apron by hand and the “I Love Lucy” heart was made with a piece of felt and white fabric paint.

I used a razor to cut the big white bow off the front of the dress and hot glued a hair clip to it to make the “Lucy” bow.

Coolest Homemade Costume Contest 2023

9 thoughts on “Coolest Lucille Ball Costume”

  1. I have to say THAT is the CUTEST Lucy I have ever seen!!!! I was Lucy one Halloween and won 1st Place and I looked just like her… BUT this little one I love it!!!


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