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Coolest Vitameatavegamin Girl Costume from I Love Lucy

I really like the show “I Love Lucy,” so I wanted to make a costume from one of the memorable scenes. I picked “Vitameatavegamin” because it is my favorite scene and the costume was easy to make. I already had the dress that I had made a few years before from an old 1950s dress pattern. I also already had a Lucy-style hat that used to belong to my grandmother, and a pair of 50s looking shoes. All I had to do was find a red curly wig and make the bottle of Vitameatavegamin and the sales table that Lucy stood behind as she did the commercial.

I made the table out of some fabric I purchased at WalMart for less than a dollar a yard, and some foam core board and ribbon. I first hot glued the foam board into a long rectangular box shape. You can cut the back of the box to fit your waist, which I realized I should have done so that the table doesn’t wobble at your waist. After hot gluing the table together, I hot glued some of the fabric flat onto the table surfaces at the top, front and sides.

For the skirt of the table, I pleated the fabric to look like a fancy display table. I pleated the fabric with hot glue, but it would probably be just as easy if not easier to do on a sewing machine. For the sign on the front of the table, I printed “Vitameatavegamin For Health” onto an 8 1/2 x 11 piece of paper and trimmed it to size, and glued it to another piece of foam board. I glued two pieces of the ribbon to the back of the sign and also to the back of the table. To attach the table to my body, I hot glued a long enough piece of ribbon along the length of the table so that I could tie it around my waist.

For the bottle of Vitameatavegamin, I bought a bottle of balsamic vinegar and printed a label that says, “Vitameatavegamin. Contains Vitamins, Meat, Vegetables, and Minerals. Alcohol 23%.”
For my makeup, I bought false eyelashes and bright red lipstick. I wore some pearl earrings to finish off the look.

Throughout the night, I performed the Vitameatavegamin commercial for people at the party I attended, and each time I performed it, my speech became more slurred like Lucy’s did in the commercial. Everyone loved my Vitameatavegamin Girl Costume from I Love Lucy.

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