Coolest John Deere Tractor Halloween Costume

After seeing all of the wonderful costumes on this web site, it inspired my husband to create a homemade tractor. It took my husband about 15 hours to make.

The tractor is made out of cardboard box (body), air filter (grill), plastic tube (pipe), Styrofoam (tires), Styrofoam cutter (tires), straps from a bag to hold it up, yellow tape (stripe), logos from the internet and tap lights (headlights and taillights).

Everyone loved his costume and could not believe the lights worked. He looked so cute walking around in it. He loved it! It was neat to always see where my son and husband were in the dark – just follow the lights. I was very proud of my husband.

13 thoughts on “Coolest John Deere Tractor Halloween Costume”

  1. What an outstanding job! The tractor is perfect! What kind of box did you use? Would you be interested in selling it?

  2. So sorry but after Halloween was over our son played with the tractor so much that it is now destroyed. Thank you all for your comments it made my husband smile!!

  3. I saw the John Deere tractor costume and am making one for my three year old. He is a John Deere fanatic! I got boxes, but they are way too big. Do you remember what boxes were used on yours?


  4. We made one similar last year for my son. Just like you, everyone loved it and he had a lot of fun wearing it. We took a small plastic gas can and cut the top out under the handle for him to collect his loot in.

  5. Thank you for your idea. I made it for this Halloween and it was fabulous! We decided to include reflector lights on the back as tail lights and put a door on the hood to drop candy into. My son loved it.

  6. This costume is so creative. My 5 year old loves John Deere and I am going to attempt to make this for him. Do you remember what measurements this costume was?

  7. hiya i just love this its a brilliant idea.. im going to try and make this for my Halloween costume as my boyfriend is a tractor he will love it i just hope i can make it hehe thanks for the idea and instructions

  8. The costume looks fantastic. I am in the process of making one for my son as he loves John Deere (what 3 yr old boy doesn’t). I have a question, how did you attach the strap in the back? Did it attach to rear of your son or did you attach it to the back of the costume? Would you suggest anything better having experienced using it in regards to having it resting on the person in it. BTW: how heavy was this for your son once it was put together?


  9. I am making this costume for my 3 year old grandson and its too front heavy.. How can I fix that problem?? Thanx for any help from anyone…

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