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Coolest Homemade X Men Wolverine and Mystique Costume

You can’t just come up with costumes like this overnight! We started by upping our gym regiments four months before Halloween. But other than that, here is how we developed the Homemade X Men Wolverine and Mystique Costume.

Wolverine – The claw-things are made of wood, we could not use anything that could be mistaken for a real weapon and be allowed to any Halloween festivities. They were designed from a picture of a real knife set of “Wolverine” claws we saw on the Internet. That means they are not just blade-shaped, but have a notch on the end where the “blade” is enveloped between the fingers. We sanded and painted them with automobile primer. Again, had to stop there so as not to make them look too real. The long hair and facial hair are real; took a few weeks to grow out, then we shaved the facial hair to look like pictures of Wolverine and used a lot of hair gel, mouse, and hairspray to get the hair to stick up.

Mystique – The blue outfit is primarily a unitard, or body suit in blue. It actually had a hood designed to go over the face, like the “Blue Man Group” costume. We cut the hood off and used blue body paint on the face. To create the scaley-type surface on the blue suit (and to cover strategic areas to make the suit not-quite-so questionable), we used variations of blue fabric paint. To paint it, we had to use cardboard and file folders to stretch the suit as if someone’s wearing it. Then we dripped the fabric paint in patterns across the suit. We used three different colors, one the same color as the suit, one darker, and one lighter with glitter. To create the look, we picked the suit up and let the paint run a little and used our fingers to smear the paint somewhat.

For a finishing touch, we sprayed glitter from a can across the areas we painted. The hair is real, gelled, and spray-painted red.

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