This Homemade Purple Dragonfly Costume is made out of recycled shirts, tights and ribbon found at local thrift stores.

My daughter wanted to be a dragonfly for Halloween and we searched far and wide for the perfect costume, But never found one so I decided to make one. I tried to find a leotard in her size to dye but never could find one. So while I was at the thrift store I bought a womans large white stretchy shirt for fifty cents, also bought ribbon and tights that I found there. I paid $1.75 for all.

I then went to the grocery store and bought purple rit dye. Came home and placed fabric, Dye, and water in the pot. 30 minutes later I rinsed all fabric and dried in the dryer. Next I laid out the shirt and cut a leotard pattern out of it then sewed it together.

I then made the wings out of old wire hangers by stretching the tights over all the wings and gluing them in place. I made glue lines on the wings and dumped glitter on them. Next I made a harness out of left over fabric for the wings to stay in place on her back. I also cut a pair of tights on the crotch then put her arms through them to make sleeves. Next was the tail. I used stuffing out of a pillow and stuffed to make the tail and then I tied ribbon around little sections. I secured the tail by sewing it to the wings.

Last was the headband made of leftover fabric from the shirt. I just sewed them to ends together. Completed is my little dragonfly!