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Coolest Homemade Oktoberfest Snowglobe Costume

This homemade Oktoberfest Snowglobe costume took 14 hours, and about $50 to build. I started with foam batting and some wood veneer. The foam was cut into strips with a serrated knife (mess), and glued end to end to form a ring. To add some stability I soaked the veneer, and hot glued it within the ring to form an inner ring. That entire piece was spray painted brown.

I then created what looked like an orange wedge out of chicken wire & paper mache (painted white) to provide a supportive backing. That piece was then hot glued, and super glued to the inside of the ring. I then added clear tubing to form an arch and cut segments of a clear shower curtain for the “glass”. I also painted a German town background on foam core board, glued an LED bicycle light behind it for some back-glow and placed it in the globe.

My shirt was made out of a button down white shirt, ribbon and fabric (it was impossible to find an Oktoberfest shirt without the skirt so homemade it had to be!).

To hold the whole thing up I super-glued a pair of suspenders to the veneer.

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