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Original Homemade Mystique Halloween Costume

I’ve been DYING to create a Homemade Mystique Halloween Costume and finally decided to go for it this year.

I’m not the greatest at sewing, so I had a bodysuit made to my exact measurements. I needed the suit to fit really tightly so as to give the impression of body paint and not a body suit.
The gloves were detachable, but the feet were not (so I could maintain the barefoot look of Mystique). I purchased some thick Isotoner house slippers and placed them in the feet of the bodysuit so I would not damage my feet outdoors.

To create the scales, I hand-painted dots, circles and lines over the surface of the bodysuit. There was really no rhyme or reason to the pattern, I just tried to make it look ‘superheroey’. The paint had to dry overnight, so I only worked on the front of the costume.

For the face, I used a 2mm thick foam from the craft store and created small shapes to stick on my face. This was done to give dimension to the face painting. I fixed the shapes on my face with small dots of foam glue, then used a blue face paint over the shapes. After the face painting was complete, I dusted on a shimmery talc powder to match the sheen of the bodysuit. I topped it off with a half wig from a beauty supply store in a reddish/auburn color.

Voila – Mystique!!

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