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Coolest Homemade Ms. Minion Halloween Costume

I started out my Ms Minion costume by using 2 large foam pieces and gluing them together. I then took yellow fleece and glued the fleece to the foam. I cut out holes for the eye and arms. I used 2 rolls of yarn layered on top for her hair and then used wire for her pigtails. I cut out some foam board and painted it a metallic silver to make the goggle around the eye.

I purchased the eye “mask “. I used elastic and glued it on to make the goggle strap. I made 2 holes on the top and bottom of the goggle and attached zip ties to hold the goggle on her face. I created the mouth and teeth by gluing cutting pieces of felt and attaching them with glue. I cut material for her dress and attached it with glue. I  made her bows out of ribbon and glued them to her dress.

The whole process took a couple of months with a busy schedule and working on it here and there, but it was worth every minute. This was very exciting to make and especially finish! Despicable me is one of my favorite movies, I just love the minions. I think for my next one I will make the purple minion, cant wait!

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