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Coolest Homemade Juggernaut Costume from X-Men

I have been a fan of Marvel and the X-men ever since I was a child.  I was always into the big characters (you know, the tough guys that always smash things.) My  character is  “the  Juggernaut”. He possesses incredible amount of strength, invulnerability, and stamina.  Once  the  Juggernaut starts moving he cant be stopped.   Nobody messes with him.

I used green cushion foam for the body,  e.v.a foam (yoga mats) for the feet, and spandex fabric under latex for the skin.

Tools I used were scissors, razor blade, electric knife, spray adhesive, gorilla tape, hot glue gun, and a dremel.

Steps for making this homemade Juggernaut Costume:

  1. Rolled foam tubes around my arm legs and body
  2. Rolled another layer of foam around bicep, forearm, thigh, calf, and chest
  3. Carve and fade to your liking
  4. Carve muscles and glue to appropriate places  (its all eyeballing)
  5. Once you have the shape you like, then spray glue spandex fabric over the carved body (small ares at a time and pull tight)
  6. Spread a thin layer of latex all over character surface, let dry (repeat)
  7. Use hard foam (ex bogey boards) for feet, add layers for height, cover in foam and carve
  8. Rolled foam around finished calf of character ( for boot leg top )
  9. Do step 5,6 for the boots
  10. Cut strips of e.v.a foam for arm bands, and spray painted
  11. Found the best shaped plastic bowl I could find cut out eyes and mouth with dremel and spray painted
  12. For the fist I just layered e.v.a foam and carved then layerd greem foam over and carved
  13. Do step 5, 6 for the fist

People mouths dropped.  There were comments like “I love your costume”, “you did an awesome job”, ” man that thing’s sick”,  holy s@^& how u do that?”. My fav was “that’s the best costume I’ve ever seen”

The Juggernaut is fully moveable, and u can run in it.  It stands 7 ft tall and weighs about 45lbs total (the feet weighing 10lbs themselves)

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