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Coolest Homemade Flintstones Family Costume

We decided to do a Homemade Flintstones Family Costume this year! I made all of the Flintstones costumes myself and think they are the coolest. It was so much fun as this was the first time I had ever touched a sewing machine.

For Wilma, myself, I bought 2 yards of white fleece from Hancock fabrics. This, in fact, was far too much fabric but I had no clue how much I would need! I traced one of my dresses and just folded down the neck line to create the one-shoulder look. I turned it inside out, pinned it together and sewed the seams. I made my necklace out of 1 1/4″ Styrofoam balls and threaded it through stretchy cord. I purchased the red Wilma wig and the funny feet on-line.

For Fred, my husband, I bought 2 yards of orange fleece. I folded it in half and traced one of my husband’s largest T-shirts on it, adding a little to give it the looser fit. I also folded the sleeves in to give it the sleeveless look. I made his tie from a piece of leftover blue fabric from Pebbles’ diaper cover. The black spots were cut from fleece also; I cut them out, fabric-glued them on and let them dry for 24 hours. The bottom of his garment was then cut zig-zag. His ‘feet’ were also purchased on-line.

For Pebbles, my daughter, I bought one yard of green fleece. I folded it in half and traced one of her baby doll shirts on it. I also cut her black spots from the black fleece. I bought a yard of blue fabric for her diaper cover and some elastic for the waist and legs. She wore ballet slippers to give her the barefoot look, but they also protected her feet. For the bone in her hair, I just cut out the bone pattern on white felt, sewed it together and stuffed it. I then hot-glued it to a hair tie. We bought red hair spray for her hair.

For Bam-Bam, my son, I used what was left over from Fred’s orange fleece to make a skirt for him. I traced a pair of his shorts, making allowance for seams and an elastic waist. I also cut the black spots for him out of fleece. His club and sash were made out of brown felt and the bone, like Pebbles’, out of white felt.

His hat gave me the most trouble but I eventually figured it out. I cut four triangles out of orange fleece. The front triangle I made larger than the other three. I sewed them all together and then cut out a semi-circle for the brim and cut a piece of card stock inside. I then pinned the brim to the front triangle and sewed them together. I cut the back out in a semi-circle and added a piece of orange felt with elastic in it to the bottom. This kept it together and made a tighter fit.

Everyone we met while trick or treating loved the idea and the costumes. It was a big hit!

Homemade Flintstones Family Costume

Homemade Flintstones Family Costume

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8 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Flintstones Family Costume”

  1. Tami,
    I just loved seeing your Flintstones costumes! I had fun going to this website and reading HOW you made them. I am even more impressed that you designed the patterns yourself by using some of your other clothes! You all looked adorable!

  2. Im doing this for my family as well, Thank you so much for sharing! I have never touched a sewing machine and im hoping mine turns out half as decent as yours did! :)

  3. I absolutely LOVE the costumes!!! I’m so glad I found this website because my daughter is going to be Pebbles now based on your design. I wasn’t too thrilled with the online costumes, but your design is absolutely adorable!!! Have you ever considered renting out the costumes? If yes, we are interested! Everyone is saying my husband and I should dress up too…!

  4. I’m thinking of trying to make costumes and thought we could do the Flintstones! I found your site and how you made them. I am SO impressed with them especially since you said it was your first time sewing! You have natural talent! I hope mine turn out half as good as yours.

  5. Thanks for all the wonderful comments! I am just now seeing them. I am glad to hear my costumes have helped a few out. Never really considered renting them out mainly b/c it would be hard b/c the sizes for a family may be off from ours.

  6. Tami, I hope you see this soon because I am making my daughter’s costume this week. I’m new at sewing, so this may seem obvious to you- but could you exactly describe how you made Pebbles costume? I bought the fabric, but once . I cut it do I need to sew it at all?


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