Coolest Homemade Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Couple Costume Idea

My daughter Laura is a huge Donald Duck fan. This year she decided she wanted to be Donald for Halloween. She also convinced her cousin to dress as Daisy so I had to try to come up with not one, but two duck costumes. I had a vision of a Homemade Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Couple Costume Idea and it all started with a balloon.

To make the heads, I used flour/water paper-mache and lots of white tissue paper and two 9″ white balloons. It took several layers over a few days to make it strong enough. After it was good and dry, I popped the balloons and cut off the top third of the “eggs”. I added a little foam around the hole for padding and this allowed it to sit on the girls heads kind of like a hat.

For the look of head feathers, I found a white “magic” scarf (which is made like a tube) at a yard sale and cut it in half. I gathered one end with a rubber band and stretched the tube over the paper-mached head. I stitched felt eyes onto the scarf. I cut orange felt stitched it together putting pipe cleaners in the edge of beak so I could bend and shape it. I stuffed the beaks with polyfill and stitched them to the scarves. Then I cut a slit in the scarves under the beaks so the girls could see out. It also allowed them to pull it down under their chin to help hold the heads on.

For Donald’s hat, I used fabric from a royal blue t-shirt from a yard sale that I cut into two ovals, stitched together and turned right side out and stuffed a bit. I used some black felt for the bottom of the hat and the ribbon. I stitched the hat to the top of the head. For Daisy’s big bow, I used some pink craft foam shaped in a bow and painted it with sparkle glaze so it would be glittery. I stitched the bow to the top of her head.

The rest of the costumes were fairly simple. I found two white turtlenecks, a royal blue plain t-shirt, and a pink dressy shirt also at yard sales. I added yellow ribbon with iron-on tape to the royal t-shirt for Donald and I made a red fleece bow and pinned it on with a safety pin in the front. To make their tail feathers I started with two white pairs of shorts. I purchased 4 feather boas on sale at ½ price and safety pinned 2 boas around each pair of shorts. The girls both wore orange tights. Daisy wore pink flats. Donald’s duck feet are made from felt that I cut out and sewed together. I stuffed them a bit and put pipe cleaners in them so I could bend them and shape them a bit. I used two croc shoe-straps to hold them on. The Velcro stuck well to the felt.

I was really pleased with how my vision turned out. It was almost exactly like I saw it in my head and only cost about $30-$35 dollars total for both costumes. The girls were so excited to wear their costumes. And at our local Boo @ the Zoo they had to stop a lot so kids and sometimes even parents, could have their pictures taken with them. I was told several times that the costumes looked so good that they could have been store bought. That is the ultimate compliment for a homemade costume.

Homemade Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Couple Costume Idea

Homemade Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Couple Costume Idea

Homemade Donald Duck and Daisy Duck Couple Costume Idea