Cool Homemade Daisy Duck Costume – Easy and Fun!

This year, I decided to create a Daisy Duck Costume for Halloween!

Materials Used for the Daisy Duck Costume

The Hat: I started with a plain white hat that I found online for less than 5 dollars. First I painted the bill as well as a little lump for the nose and sides of the bill orange/yellow. I used white felt to make the eyes, purple felt to make the eyeshadow, and black felt to make the lashes/pupils. I also accented the pupils with a little finger-nail shaped bit of white felt to make them pop.

The felt was 20 cents per piece and I only used a little bit from each piece. I made the bow out of pink ribbon I found at the craft store for under 3 dollars. I attached everything with superglue but I’m sure hot glue or even plain Elmer’s would have worked fine.

The Skirt: I bought a white skirt from the store. I ended up buying a nicer quality one that I can wear again but you can find cheap ones from stores like Forever 21 or Charlotte Russe for under 10 dollars (or search a local thrift store!). I ordered two 6-ft long feather boas from Amazon for about 4 dollars each (make sure you do this because I looked at the craft store first and they were $9 for 3-ft ones!).

Then, I tied them together and attached them on each end with safety pins… would have pinned more but I didn’t want to ruin my skirt and 2 worked out fine (although sometimes the boa bunched up or down… notice in the third picture). I ended up taking off the boa after the pictures because it shed a lot. The Daisy Duck costume still looked great even without it.

Costume Accessories

Jewelry: I bought the cocktail ring and necklace but made the bracelets and earrings using pink and purple heart beads and wire that I found at the craft store.

Shoes: I couldn’t find baby pink shoes anywhere that were in my price range so I decided to just cover the black heels that I already had in pink duct tape. First, I covered them in masking tape since its less sticky than duct tape. Then, I used pink polka-dot “duck” tape that was from Michael’s. I was going to get plain pink but the plain pink they had was hot pick so I figured the light pink with polka dots would work better.

Making the Daisy Duck Costume

It was a little tricky aligning the dots but they turned out great! I still haven’t removed it so I’m not sure how well it will remove. But, they were inexpensive heels so I’m not too worried about it.

I bought the yellow tights. I was going to just buy white and dye them with Rit dye since I couldn’t find yellow anywhere. However, then I found them at Forever 21 for just $4.50. It was great because the white tights + dye would have cost me around 10 dollars. I also bought the white gloves for $10 and I borrowed the shirt from a friend.

For the makeup, I used purple face-paint on my lids. I wanted it bold, but the purple wasn’t really the right shade so I dabbed the right shade of purple eyeshadow on top. Then I added fake eyelashes to make my eyes long like daisy’s. I used pink lipstick.

I had a blast making this Daisy Duck costume and think it turned out great!

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  1. I just wanted to give a HUGE THANK YOU for this incredibly crafty idea! My 5 yr old daughter was begging for a Daisy Duck costume this year, of which I could not find one ANYWHERE. I happened across your photo and was instantly relieved! I wish I could post my own picture of her outfit, she looks absolutely adorable! Lol thank you again for the crafty, outside-the-box idea! :)

  2. Thanks for sharing this! I loved it and just made one for me and a Donald Duck for my husband. Such a cute idea!

  3. My purple shirt was borrowed from a friend but try looking in stores such as Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, or Charlotte Russe.

  4. How did you make the skirt?did you wrap it around and around your skirt? Any idea how I can make this into a running skirt or short?

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