Coolest Homemade Domo Halloween Costume

My step brother and I love the little creater Domo from the store 7 Eleven. So we had the idea to make a life size Homemade Domo Halloween Costume. So we went all over to look for ideas on how to make Domo. We finally came up with the idea to use PVC as the frame.

So we made a box frame with shoulder and a head slot. Then we took brown blankets that we bought from the store and sewed them together to make his fur. It took about 4 blankets to sew the whole body. After that we made arm out of the same material and we stuffed them with stuffing.

Then we took plastic screen and painted it red and white for his mouth. We put eight teeth 4 on the top and four on the bottom. Then we sewed that into the body. After that we cut two black eyes out of materials. Then we sewed them onto the body and stuffed then with stuffing to make them 3D looking.

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  1. I like this idea. And by the way – Domo is a Japanese cartoon, 7 eleven didn’t make him up.

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