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Coolest Homemade Darkness from Legend Costume

The Homemade Darkness from Legend Costume came from the character Darkness from the movie Legend. The character was a demon with animal legs and hooves. I started with a base latex mask and a red muscle shirt, there I created the homemade items of hooves and faun type legs.

For the legs I used a pair of leggings and foam cut into triangle pieces to make the knee and the calf. I glued them on with spray adhesive and then covered them with batting to make it smoother. I then created a pants pattern by altering a regular pants pattern to have the seam run down the front and the back of the leg (instead of the side). With this adjustment I was able to make enough space for the prosthetic pieces to fit.

For the hooves I used a wood block base built up in the heal area with another block (to have a kind of high heel effect). On top of the that I screwed a sandal onto it. I covered the item with metal window screen to shape it like a hoof and then covered it with paper mache. After the paper mache I used car bondo to cover the entire thing so it would be hard and durable. I then painted it.

On the bottom of the hooves I used textured plastic (from the hardware store used as floor mats) and cut it to size, then I stabled it to the bottom for tread. I then used the remaining fur from the pants to wrap around the hooves so they would blend naturally with my pants.

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