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Coolest Homemade Character 9 Halloween Costume

I created this Homemade Character 9 Halloween Costume for my son. This costume is based off the main Character “9”, from the movie “9”.

Me and my wife worked on this costume for over a month. We molded the head from a balloon with paper mache, and then finished it off with Fiber glass. We then resined the entire headpiece, allowing it to take a beating. We created the eyes with various sizes of PVC, and topped it with Kitchen Sink Locknuts (to give it the lens effect).

We completely created the outfit from scratch, using burlap, and a smooth bed sheet like material, so it would not be so itchy. We created the zipper from plastic pieces which we painted silver for the effect.

I molded the zipper from kitchen cutting boards, and created the actual zipper handle/lever from cardboard. Which we then painted various shades of bronze, and gold for the old effect.

With creating the staff/scepter/light with PVC, and various kitchen items. The glass part is the cover to an overhead light. We created the inner workings with PVC and an old hanger, so it looks like a light bulb. We also installed LEDS with AAA batteries for the true character effect.

I hope you like it, and us. Thank you for time.

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5 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Character 9 Halloween Costume”

  1. I’m amazed, such an excellent job! Great creativity. I cant get over it.You should be proud. Very unique and NOW. Thanks for posting, I love this sight.

  2. “9” was such a unique and touching film and it really didn’t receive the praise it deserved. I loved this film and your Halloween costume was really well done! Alot of thought went into that costume, so kudos to you folks for designing it!!!!


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