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Coolest Homemade Aquaman Costume

This is what you will need to make a Homemade Aquaman Costume:

1) Orange Under Armour jersey from Academy (only available in kids, so had to get kids XL).
2) Aqua colored tights from American Apparel (way over priced).
3) Black speedo.
4) Beaded, green, net tank top from mom’s closet (no mom was not a go go dancer or stripper in her youth!)
5) Orange ribbon and “A” iron on from Hobby Lobby.
6) Yellow dish-washing gloves and yellow rainboots not pictured.

I was originally going to be Michael Phelps, due to his recent rise to fame in the Olympics and pop culture. But found this beaded, green, net tank top in my mom’s closet and was inspired to be Aquaman instead! More original idea, and involved more of a costume, opposed to only wearing a speedo, so I opted for that.

Mom says the top is by an Italian designer, very expensive, so not sure where one will find something like this. The rest of the items I wore are pretty easy to find in every day stores around the US.

Warning: Very restraining on one’s package after a while. By the end of the night I was re-adjusting myself every 10 minutes!

Got a lot of compliments. Was a fun costume.

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