Coolest Homemade Alpaca Costume

After purchasing a small alpaca figure I was inspired to create my own Alpaca Costume in an effort to top last year’s costume.

I started by buying a faux white fur and creating a jacket with a hood. I placed holes in the top of the hood to insert the ears which I made with felt and a head band to stick straight up [apparently one of the major differences between an Alpaca and a Llama are the ears]. I wore a pair of white tights under a pair of shorts I made with quilt backing and fuzzy slipper-boots I already owned.

For the torso portion I made a cage with hanger and wooden rods, lined it with cotton, stuffed it with batting. I used stuffing from a pillow to create the fluffy look by hot gluing it to my hood, shoulders and torso. The torso was attached with a belt sewn onto the top of the torso and cotton legs dangled from the end. Attaching it with a belt made it easy to take on and off.

The legs were lightly stuff to avoid from weighing the torso down. The snout was made from an elastic band and leftover fur.

This costume was by far the most fun I have had wearing, and nice and warm!

Homemade Alpaca Costume

Homemade Alpaca Costume

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